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    Zeroshell 3.5.0 includes new GLIBC 2.23 libraries that fix the vulnerability described in CVE-2015-7547 on previous versions that would allow, through specific responses of a DNS controlled by hackers to take control of the system. The upgrade is therefore strongly recommended. This release includes the Kernel 4.1.15 that provides better performance and lower latency with Load Average substantially reduced.



    Thank you for your great work.


    Thank you, You’re really the best. Sir Fluvio!


    Hello developer and guests. I work as a system administrator in an enterprise in the Russian Republic of Sakha, and here it is very difficult to find a program. That’s very much afraid of programs such as Ubuntu. Freebsd but one day discovered “Linux Format” magazine and came across an article “Zeroshell: New router in the network” had read an article in one sitting, and all enjoyed it so much, that set as a proxy gateway, and so easy to configure that you can intuitively all understand. You have a great program to keep the same level. But there is a desire in the HTTP proxy to add the ability to create a mask of the search words in a search engine, ip address pool for which the Internet is allowed.
    Thank you all. Dmitry Mordovskoy


    Long time, no post!

    I just finished a ZS 3.5.0 template with VMware Tools 10.0.6 pre-installed, but I have no way to upload it to my server currently. I also don’t yet have a way to put it on the Wiki I started up, but that’ll come.

    New template download: (750 MB)

    If anyone has a license to use the new kernels, would you consider testing this template with those once I post it? My previous experience is that one can use a newer kernel, or switch from 32-bit to 64-bit kernel, without needing to reinstall VMware Tools. The kernel modules are already compiled-in, and the Tools installation just provides host monitoring and automated guest OS shutdown.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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