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    I am a long time IPCop user, and I have some questions about Zeroshell. The main limitation I have is that IPCop doesn’t support dual WANs, and I would really like to add a second connection for redundancy. I would like to know if I could do everything I’m currently doing with IPCop in Zeroshell, plus run a bonded VPN over two WANs which IPCop cannot do but I think Zeroshell can.

    What I need to be able to do:
    Normal firewall stuff like opening ports to specific IP addresses
    Static routes to certain internal machines (in IPCop, I have to do this at the CLI, not supported in the GUI)
    Use blocklists to block large ranges (China, Russia) – in IPCop, Snort and Guardian add-ons
    Local DNS & DHCP
    In addition to the bonded VPN, I need to have roadwarrior/OpenVPNs

    Has anyone done this type of migration from IPCop? Any advice much appreciated!



    Hi Blobby.

    I’ve been using IPCop since it’s start and I have started 4 years ago miggrating to PFsense. Mostly due to features (dual wan, CP. proxy, url filtering…)
    I’ve just found zeroshell and it sounds & looks perfect so will try it and report back in few weeks.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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