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    I’ve been using IPFIRE for a few years at home, which has about 30 nodes, and was looking at changing platforms when my son reported an issue with accessing the Playstation network. After several days of research, I gave up and plugged in my trusty WRT54G to resolve the issue.

    Now I’m back on the hunt for a new firewall solution (since my WAN get hammered with attacks all the time) and landed here in the ZS realm.

    Although there is a slight learning curve, I’ve found support documentation to be great and I’m learning the GUI fairly quickly with all of its intuitiveness.

    Comments- Getting ZS on my Artigo a1200 (4gb ram and 32gb SDD) was simple as burning the ISO and installing with no additional parameters.
    The part that I got hung up on was the fact that I had to build a profile from scratch, which is ok for me now that I understand this doesn’t just connect everything to the internet with DHCP out of the box.
    The GUI is easy to use and fast to load. I love the stats and hardware monitoring tools.

    Suggestions – Perhaps the default profile should turn up everything and set eth01 to DHCP client, and turn on DHCP and NAT. This is something you have to learn from the docs.
    I don’t see a WiFi GUI page, maybe I’m lost, but this would be helpful otherwise.
    Perhaps a more streamlined registration process would be in order to get important security updates on first reboot.

    Well, so far I’m happy with this distro and look forward to mastering it soon!

    Thanx a bunch for the hard work you all have put into this over over the years, I know commitments are tough!

    aka lantex
    San Diego, Ca

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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