no admin page access from wlan; eth00 & wlan00 bridge

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    As the title says, I can’t access the admin webpage from the wlan, but I can access it from the eth00 port.

    Basic topography: two ethernet cards, one wireless card. eth00 is wired LAN; eth01 is pppoe to my ISP-supplied DSL router in transparent bridging mode; wireless card is wlan00.

    I’ve made eth01, ppp00 and bridge00 members of NAT. The wlan seems to be working fine otherwise, in that I can connect to it & get issued an address from the IP range of the bridge. Internet access works from both the LAN (eth00) and WLAN. This has me puzzled as wireless admin page access worked in a previous attempt at setting this up. I started over fresh and can’t recall what I would have done differently. More information gladly supplied if I’ve left any out.

    Thanks for any help, and thanks fulvio for a great distro!

    EDIT: This is embarrassing, but I’ve figured out what I did. In https, I had it set to on ETH00 (lan interface) and the firewall was doing exactly as I told it! Changed it back to any address on any interface (default setting) and it works. 😳

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