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    This is a device that’s used on Verizon and I believe Sprint as well – I don’t know if it is current – but it was as of late 2007.

    I have had success in getting my Novatel U727 to work with ZeroShell, via the liveCD. I have not yet tried this out on any other version – and I can probably make this happen via the CF version, with some changes to bootscripts or blacklists – but.

    This card ‘should’ use the airprime module – but instead, it seems to come up with just ‘usbserial.’ All I had to do to get this to show up via the ‘3G’ module was to get to a console and type ‘modprobe airprime’

    For some info – this device is a bit weird- when you first insert it, it traditionally shows up as a CDRom device- when you ‘eject’/remove that CD drive, it will present itself as a device with a different USB id.

    Now, I did *not* have to do this on zeroshell. For what it’s worth, the USB info is:

    Vendor/Device ID: 1410:4100

    The ‘cdrom’ one is 1410:5010 – but the kernel or some script you have seems to take care of this. I’m not sure if there is an ‘easy’ way to get this device to load the airprime module – but if it happens, that’s another 3G modem I can give you ‘verified’ on.

    If there is anything else I can do to help with this, I’d love to. As of yet, this is my first time with zeroshell, and this is the easiest time I’ve had getting this USB device up and running. I’m a fairly experienced linux user, and I knew ‘where to look’ – but still, not too bad, here!

    — UPDATE —
    Apparently I have to do the ‘eject’ thing after all, if the device is plugged in after boot. See this forum post on ubuntuforums for someone’s similar experience.

    I was able to get this to work – though I had to grab an “eject” binary from another system. Fun fun.

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