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    I’ve been using Zeroshell as a VPN Host for OpenVPN to connect to when I’m away from home. This has been working properly for some time, but recently my ISP changed my IP address. I changed the IP address in my openvpn.opn file and I can still connect OpenVPN to my Zeroshell router, however I can’t access the internet over this connection.

    Ping results in either 100% loss or destination host unreachable, and OpenVPN disconnects and reconnects every five minutes or so from inactivity.

    I think I’m using the default settings within ZeroShell.

    I’m using ZeroShell 3.6.0 and OpenVPN 2.3.11-1601

    Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this further?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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