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    Zeroshell is perfect
    My name is henry. I’ve got questions
    1. My zeroshell box eth00( is connected to internal lan & eth01( )is connected to router dlink dir300(ip<==>cable modem (wan ip= Its in routed mode.
    Everything is fine except i cannot vpn using host to lan open vpn method you described. Vpn tap interface in the ZS BOX VPN00=ip
    I have created dyndns account that refers to wan ip ( I have created forwarding rule in the dlink router to forward port 1194 tcp to but since its the dlink router ip i know it wont work. I also cannot forward port 1194 to vpn00 because the dlink router refused because vpn00 is not in ip range of ip 192.168.1.xx. Is it possible to retain these settings or do i have to change the ip configurations of eth01 & dlink router’s ip?or is it better to make eth01&vpn00 a bridge bri00? Do i have to create firewall rules as well in zeroshell ?please shed some lights
    Question no 2: how to instruct zeroshell to allow a certain user pop & smtp email access only that means no internet browsing.?
    Any help will be appreciated


    Greetings & Hello
    The above post with dlink dir 300 dont work , idonk know why, but i tested with another linksys adsl wag200g , my openvpn client is connected and assigned an ip of In the linksys router i have to forward external and internal port 1194 tcp to eth01 ip of The linksys adsl router is & zeroshell internal NIC Eth00 is

    I have also clicked the NET button in Openvpn host to lan config and entered in order to view lan resources but i cannot . My LAN is in range

    Actually what i wanted to achieve here is to connect to my HMAIL server and to get internal mail remotely
    Where did i go wrong , please help
    Thank You

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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