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    Hello ,
    We use zeroshell version b16 ( based on linux ) to accomplish a vpn site to site to our data center .
    Site A is our offices
    Site B is our Data center
    site B has 4 fixed ip address

    At site A we use 4 usb 3g modem to dial to the internet and then we create a udp vpn tunnel on each 3g modems, and then we bond the vpn at each side in order to gain upload throughput .
    the machine at side A has 1.6 g cpu and 2g ram .

    At site B we have very dedicated strong server with 1g available bandwidth and of course Zeroshell installed and bonded with the 4 vpn’s as well.

    now to the the problem :
    Over Site A after all vpn’s are connected and we try to transfer data over the vpn tunnel some of the vpn tunnels are droped and can’t connect to the remote host anymore and the error we get right before the disconnection is :


    write UDPv4 []: No buffer space available (code=105)

    as you know zeroshell use openVPN to accomplish this task.
    we googled and find some answers like “Increase the required free memory ” ” echo 8192 >/proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes ” but it didn’t help .
    we played with mtu on each side and still didn’t help .

    Thank you in advance .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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