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    Hello all,

    First of all, very interesting project.

    I have IPCOP running at the moment with 4 network cards.

    I wanted to to use zeroshell on my green network and basially use functions like radius, ldap and few others.

    I been reading about zershell and all, and wanted to know is having a PC with 1 network card, hard drive good enough for what I want to do?

    I already installed the live cd and looks good with minor problems like can not ping outside world. I can login to the web interfance, I can ping my internal network from zeroshell, I can nslookup other hosts, just not ping. I am sure it is something simple, I am just few hours into the software.

    My main concern here is the setup and basically do I need 2 network cards like some people here are mentioning?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    Appreciate the work your doing on this software Fulvio.



    well the network is working. It looks like one network card is all I need. I am assuming since I am not really using firewall functionality and some other ones, I wont need the second network card.

    Please let me know if I am way off.

    Next I will do the hard drive setup. Once I get all working I will post my results.

    I have WRT54G router which I plan to use radius and cert authentication for my wireless equipment.

    I had radius setup in another linux server on its own, but I came upon this project, looked interesting, I thought I give it a try.



    Yes, one is all you need unless you plan on running ZeroShell as a router/Firewall. I’m new to this as well and initially ran ZeroShell solely as a RADIUS server but then recently set it up to act as my DHCP Server as well. I have it setup next to my FreeNAS server and my LAN is running smooth as can be expected.

    Let us know how you make out on the HD install. Boots a lot faster and you wont have to hear that whiny disk spinup sound.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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