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    Hi all,

    Firstly thanks ZS, what a great package!


    I’ve setup ZS on a PC Engine that sits between the router and a heavily used, large hot spot site. The router blocked basic P2P protocols, but ZS covers them and more and is so much sweeter. From trawling the web it looks like I’m not going to stop encrypted P2P so have been attempting to tweak QOS, where by I give recognised / healthy protocols the fast lane and generally any other 1% of throughput. This seems to work but of course if nobody is surfing then the encrypted / other traffic gets it all. Does anybody have a working QOS table of rules on ZS they can share that does a good job of squeezing out encrypted traffic? This will have a impact on wanted encrypted traffic but the P2P is a pain in the arse.

    So far:

    Interface/Class Priority DSCP Maximum Guaranteed Traffic Sent (bytes) Rate
    BRIDGE00 — — 100Mbit/s 100Mbit/s 470359 184bit
    DEFAULT Low — — 470359 184bit
    DHCP Medium — — 0 0bit
    DNS Medium — — 0 0bit
    HTTP High — — 0 0bit
    POP3 Medium — — 0 0bit
    SMTP Medium — — 0 0bit
    VOIP High — 2Mbit/s 0 0bit

    thank you

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