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    Hey all,

    For the purpose of a school work, I have to set-up a special network topology…
    To summarize things, I have to to join two separated LANs with multiples VPNs (one for the VOIP, one for the administration,…).
    This part isn’t a problem, VPNs are up and running, and clients on both sides can ping each other. I’m using RIPv2.

    I’ve got two questions:

    1) Is it possible to avoid static routes distribution over RIPv2 in Zeroshell (an equivalence to no redistribute static on Cisco material)? I don’t want to distribute my DG, as both sites have an Internet access!

    2) I have to route packets (depending on protocols) on different interfaces (eg: all traffic must be on VPN00, except VOIP traffic that has to be on VPN01, etc.) The problem is, my routing table contains all entry needed, but the output interface is always the same: VPN00! I can’t send a single package on VPN01…
    Theoretically, as all VPNs are linking the same sites, I should be able to reach both LANs through any VPN, but I can’t figure how to redirect package on different interfaces.
    (I hope I’m clear!)

    Is it possible to override the routing table and send package wherever I want? 😆

    How to achieve this? I believe it could have something to do with iptables but I can’t figure it out…

    Thanks in advance!

    Oh and, kudos to the developer(s) for this nice little piece of software!


    I managed to find how to disable the static route distribution (in /etc/ripd.conf) but It seems my configuration file is always replaced by the default one…

    Which config/service/daemon must I modify/restart to make it effective?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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