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    Hello, I’m a happy user of ZeroShell for many years. This is my first time in this forum.

    I’m subscribed and try to download packages from the package manager of the GUI of ZeroShell, the problems is I received a connection error:

    ERROR: is unreachable

    I have internet on ZeroShell and in the LAN. I’m thinking about the posibility of server could be drop. But surely it’s problem of my ZeroShell configuration.

    Any solution?

    I’m try to install SNMP and NTOP.

    Thanks very much, and sorry about my poor english.


    I have solved the error, after some days trying solutions, I have found an error in my ZeroShell setup. I had well configured DHCP then the clients get well internet connection, but the DNS server in ZeroShell had bad forwarders. I have setup the correct forwardes and the “Packet Manager” get connection with “”
    I don’t use the DNS server on ZeroShell, but I think is necesary get correct setup.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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