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    We are currently running Zeroshell 1.0 Beta 12. It was working just fine on our Jetway Motherboard using the VIA chip set. I just found out that the VIA chip set is no longer in production.

    When we try to use a newer motherboard, it won’t find the proper drivers to load the SATA controller.

    Looking online, it appears as if the driver needs to be compiled into the kernel.

    We don’t have the option of upgrading to the newest version as we have some background programs running that won’t migrate nicely.

    We would be willing to provide compensation to anyone that is able to recompile the kernel with the proper drivers and get it to boot using our software.

    please e-mail me at rkessler@wlnet.com if you think you are able to do this.

    Thank you
    Robert Kessler
    World Link Communications

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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