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    I have bought a second Alix to secure my network with redundancy…

    But now I have to redo the whole config by hand and it is a pain, notably for the huge sections: firewall rules, DNS zones etc.

    It cannot be done through a backup/restore since the configs will be different in significant items.

    It would be handy to backup the profile of the model system, then using a text editor, to strip from it the parts *not* to be replicated, maybe substitute some patterns, then finally reload the result in replacement mode into the target device.

    I found that the backup file is compressed, so impossible this way. Any text format (XML, Json etc.) would be editable.

    I usually proceed this way on my ISP’s manager interface and it really helps !
    This feature would also enable to have modular backups…

    Does it interest somebody else ? I found in the forum multiple issues that it would have avoided.

    Of course such a method is potentially unsafe, but we are all gurus playing with tricky firewall settings, no ?

    Best regards.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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