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    Hello there,

    I’v written a patch for let you nat multiports in a click with ZeroShell 1.0Beta11.

    It support multiple port splitted by comma and port range.
    14/12/008 – Added TCP/UDP in the protocol list, now you can nat your port to both protocol in one-click! πŸ™‚

    — How may I patch my ZeroShell and start to use it now? —
    If u would to patch you ZeroShell installation and start to use it now, follow that procedure:

    Download in the directory /Database from there the latest avaiable patch with wget.
    And add the follow command in your “Pre Boot” script:

    patch -p0 < /Database/ZS-1.0b11-multiport-latest.diff

    Now you have only to reboot.. and your ZeroShell box is ready to use with the Multiple Port patch!.

    -- Question & Answer --
    Wich is the syntax for nat multiple port?
    The syntax is simple and follow the directive of iptables(1) man page (Except for Local Port).

    For nat a range of ports, you have to write STARTPORT-ENDPORT (eg. 80-90).
    For nat different ports, you have to split it using comma FIRSTPORT,SECONDPORT,THIRDPORT..etc. (Eg. 20-22,80,8080).

    ATTENTION - Limitation
    The Local and Remote port Value must have the same numbers of values, if u write five ports in "Local Port" splitted by the comma (indifferently if it is range of ports or not), in the "Remote Port" It need to have other 5 ports.
    Eg. :
    If I want to nat 20-22,80,8080.. but I want the port 8080 go to the port 80 of my server, I must write:
    Local Port = 20-22,80,8080
    Remote Port = 20-22,80,80

    I will see the port ranges in the same manner that I see now the single ports?
    Yes, u will see in the same value that u have written in the LocalRemote Ports.

    When Fulvio will insert it in the next release, we will need only to remove the patch command from the Pre boot script?
    Yes, when Fulvio will patch the next release, you need only to remove the command (or disable) the Pre Boot script.[/i]

    For bugs, troubleshot etc.... please post there a message.

    Updates&Fix will be updated there:
    12/12/2008 - 0.1 - Support for range port.
    12/12/2008 - 0.2 - Support for ports splitted by comma.
    14/12/2008 - 0.3 - Added TCP/UDP in the protocol list. <- NEW

    I'm there waiting your feedback! πŸ™‚


    P.s. Sorry for my bad english.


    Thanks for your great contribution


    Many thanks to ufoonline



    Thank you πŸ™‚
    I’m glad to help in improve ZeroShell.

    The next step is the MultiPort on Firewall section that seems something that peoples want.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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