Please help, spending 3 weeks and still can’t run zeroshell

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    Ok I’ve really been fighting to use this zeroshell but I’ve always been hitting a roadblock, I really want to use this and NOT pfsense but I am coming close to have no choice

    Right now I’m using the modified updated version by renato that has the 3.2.1 kernel, not sure if there is the issue but right now I’m trying to format my SSD (/dev/sda) and put a profile on there but it seems like I can’t, I get error on the gui saying can’t formation partition.

    Then I try manually going through fdisk and parted, partprobe etc, I had to remove the GPT label, i’m not even sure why it’s there???? But I got it to mkfs.ext3, then I create profile…..

    THEN now I reboot and it comes to kernel panic, cannot mount filesystem as root, etc…

    Please can someone help me, I’m not linux expert, only know some moderate knowledge, but I’m about to give up and wish not to go to another distro……..



    let me know how have you put the image on disk,
    like bzip2 zs_321.img.bz2 >/dev/sdx


    Hi, actually I don’t understand how I solved the problem.

    Basically it seems the SSD I want to use, I need to use “parted” to create GPT label, then after I can format mkfs.ext3, then it seems to work and save the profile…

    If I change the label to msdos then format, it will fail to mount with kernel panic.

    do you know the reason? I’m using 3.2.1 of your version, you said you have 3.2.2 now? 🙂 I will try if it newer..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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