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    Hello Everybody

    Firts sorry for my very porr english.

    Il have installed Zeroshell with 2 wan (i have 3 cards):
    – Wan1 :
    IP routeur :
    IP Zeroshell Wan :

    – Wan 2 :
    IP Routeur :
    IP Zeroshell Wan :

    Zeroshell LAN :

    The FailOver works perfect, when i unplug wan1 i have internet with wan2.

    But i want forward the port 2224 to my local server. I go in section “Virtual Server” and created a rule :
    Interface : any
    Protocol tcp/udp
    Port : 8080
    Remote IP : my server Ip
    Port : 8080

    But it is not working. I have also a other firewall (IpFire) and with this one port forwarding works.

    Port Forwarding works with Failover ?

    Thanks very much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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