Possible to specify inbound and outbound bandwith in qos?

Forums Network Management ZeroShell Possible to specify inbound and outbound bandwith in qos?

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    I have a cable line with 8mbps down and 768kb up – i cannot effectively qos due to this massive difference, is there a way or a planned feature to specify inbound and outbound speeds seperately in all sections of the qos management?


    You have ZS installed with 2 network cards, one connected to your cable modem, the other to your internal network. You also have the two cards either bridged or you are routing NAT’ed addresses from the local side.

    My undestanding of QoS is that you can only QoS the outgoing traffic of a card. Therefore to do Qos on the upload you need to change the settings on the card connected to the router. Do do Qos on the download speed you change the settings of the card attached to the local side of your network.

    This of course gives you the added advantage that the cable modem is no longer the bottle neck.

    If my assumptions are incorrect let me know.



    Close assumption, sorry for being too vauge, as I am new to QoS and did not realize what would be pertinent information.


    eth0: connected to wireless AP (100Mbps ethernet to 108Mbps wireless)
    eth1: connected to switched LAN (100Mbps ethernet)
    eth2: DHCP connected to cable modem (100Mbps ethernet connected to 8Mbps downstream 768kbps upstream cable) IPSEC/L2TP VPN (Client to Host) OpenVPN VPN (Client to Host)

    If what you say about QoS is that it affects the outgoing speeds, I should set my eth2 to 768kbps, my eth0,1 to 8mbps to match the cable modem, but i do not want to limit internal speeds on my network to 8mbps. Suggestions or corrections?

    EDIT: No bridging, all routing between subnets, only NAT is to eth2 WAN


    I think 🙂 (I run a bridged symetrical 100M line) that if you set the global bandwith of eth2 to 768kps it should be fine. You can keep the global bandwidth of the eth0 & 1 cards at 100, but when you set your bandwidth for each QoS class you can set them as you need them

    I guess you don’t need to worry about the incoming bandwidth in total as you could set the source & destination in the classifier. Set a class for traffic coming to/from any of your internal ranges to unlimited or even a guaranteed amount, anything coming into your internal networks could be limited. Just a thought.

    You may also this useful, rather than my ramblings:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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