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    ISPs at Israel and some other countries over the world uses an odd network configuration ..

    In order to connect to my ISP I need to establish a PPTP / L2TP connection

    it would be VERY NICE to use zeroshell with this configuration
    for example ..

    eth0 – as the LAN interface (Static IP / DHCP)

    eth1 – as the “Local WAN Interface” (DHCP)

    at this point this interface is not connected to the ISP , only to an infrastructure provider which will supply a private IP using a DHCP.

    for example:
    DNS: (this is needed in order to resolve the PPTP / L2TP server IP , as it’s IP changes from time to time in order the ISP to achieve some Load balancing between it’s servers)

    now , in order to connect to the internet zeroshell will establish a

    PPTP/L2TP – as the WAN interface (connected to the internet / ISP)
    with thees connection parameter for example

    Host name (PPTP Server) : cable.netvision.net.il
    No Data encryption
    authentication type : PAP / SPAP
    the connection will be configured with DHCP
    as the ISP will supply
    IP (Public IP)
    Default Gateway
    DNS 1
    DNS 2

    Linksys “home” router can do so
    3com “home” router can do so
    dLink “home” router can do so
    TP-Link “home” router can do so
    Edimax “home” router can do so
    LevelOne “home” router can do so
    and on and on …

    so please , please , please make zeroshell do so as well

    thanks in advanced .

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