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    i have a zeroshell with zerotruth running and all is working as expected, except one thing: on an extra eth-adapter i installed an network with dhcp range from 20-50. The gateway and dns is
    Than i start the pptp server on zeroshell as he is preinstalled and i can connect from the dd-wrt router by the automaticly given IP Even browsing is possible. Also the accounting from radius works as soon the dd-wrt is manually disconnected.
    But if i let him running he (the dd-wrt) is working for days without limit.
    If i put for example a MB limit of 100 mb and i am not disconnect the dd-wrt manually he will go ahead to work for gigabytes and days without limit. If i disconnect him manually he updated the usage in the accounting page from zeroshell / zerotruth. If he found out than that the limit is reached he stays disconnected until i increase the volume of mbytes. If its not reached he reconnect right away.
    All the logs shows ok, but for me it looks like there is some missing part in the radius configuration and / or dd-wrt. If i connect with the same user by mobile or pc to the same radius (but different) interface through capitive portal the accounting is working normal and the client gets automaticly disconnected once the limit is reached.
    Any help is highly apreciated.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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