Problem with 80,8080,443 ports during ZeroShell usage.

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    Dear Fulvio, I would write here my last experience. I hope you can help me to detect the right solution.
    I have deployed a new instance of ZS installing the base image and configuring only the network ifaces ( only router was configured and nothing else). After I created two virtual machines: one of them is running a web server, the other one is simply used to contact wbe server using “curl – IPADDRESS” command. No firewall has been activated. Everything seems to be ok. Clinet virtual machine contact web server through ZS router.

    BUT, if a third virtual machine (from another LAN) try to contact the above web server using another router to reach last instance of ZeroShell, http and https ports are unreachable. It’s strange that only these two ports are not reachable… SSH, PING and other command work well.

    in future, the third virtual machine should contact 5/6 different web server “jumping on” the two zeroshell router just mentioned. I can’t use “virtual server features” because my client web application will operate only on port 80. I know that could be difficult understand my problem 🙂 but I’m ready to try to explain it in a better way. Thank you in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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