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    Hi Fulvio.

    I have a problem with ZS & AP-WiFi WNAP210/Netgear & RADIUS authentication.
    My network (test bed) :

    (Internet)—[Router]—(LAN)—[Zeroshell]—(Trunk)—[WNAP210]…(2 x SSID)…[Mac / OS X]

    Zeroshell : Relase 1.0 Beta 16

      ETH00 = LAN
      Trunk : VLAN native + VLAN-3 + VLAN-5
      SSID-1 -> VLAN-3/ETH01
      SSID-2 -> VLAN-5/ETH01

    In Zeroshell

      DHCP : enabled in 2 VLAN (3 & 5)
      DNS : enabled
      RADIUS : enabled
      NTP : enabled (client + server)

    In WNAP-210

      2 SSID : SSID-1 & SSID-2 each on VLAN (SSID-1 -> VLAN-3, SSID-2 -> VLAN-5)

    The tests :
    Tests with 2 x SSID in WPA2 / PSK+AES (preliminary tests) :

      Connection to each SSID OK.
      DHCP set @IP to the Mac OS X in the correct VLAN (SSID-1 -> @IP/VLAN-3, SSID-2 -> @IP/VLAN-5) : OK.
      Surf to Internet : OK -> (DNS : OK).

    Tests with RADIUS (WPA2 entreprise) :

      Add 2 users in the menu “users”, each user allocated to one VLAN (user-1 -> VLAN-3, user-2 -> VLAN-5).
      Install the user’s certificates in the computer : OK.
      Connection EAP-TLS to the respective SSID in WPA2 entreprise (user-1 -> VLAN-3, user-2 -> VLAN-5) : OK.
      Crossed connexion to the 2 SSID (user-1 -> VLAN-5, user-2 -> VLAN-3) 👿 : OK !!! The right behaviour is to abort the connexion or route the Mac OS X to the right VLAN ?!

    Questions :

      It’s a mistake for me ? 😯
      Has anybody tested the WNAP-210 in dynamic VLAN assignment ?
      Anybody can confirm me the compliance (of the WNAP-210) with RFC 2868 / Updates RFC 2865 ?
      Is there another AP WiFi (b.e.: WAP4410 Cisco) work correct with Zeroshell ?

    Thanks for your nice assistance and excuse me for my frightening English 😳



    I have exactly the same problem as you (vlan and … english language).

    I’m using the same configuration as you (2 SSID with different vlan), a linksys AP with dd-wrt and cisco switch (both supporting 802.q).

    The result of my tests is the same. All is working (dhcp per vlan, …) exept that with the 2 vlan i ‘m able to connect with a user configured only for one vlan (Radius vlan parameters on the user manager).

    I’m using the Zeroshell Relase 1.0 Beta 16

    Have you find the solution to your problem ?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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