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    I am experimenting with 3 identical 4G modems (Huawei e3372 in HiLink mode)

    Each modem has built-in DHCP by default (ip-range and provide as gateway.

    When modem plugged-in, it is acting as NIC connected to ISP. The new ETH0x was created, I have pointed to as gateway, and everything working fine

    But then i have added 2-nd and 3-rd modem for net balancing – the troubles started.

    First of all – all newly created ETH0x has the SAME gateway and the SAME subnet!

    I have found the way to change firmware that allowed me to change IP and disable DHCP
    so the IP settings now is, and for the first, second and third modem respectively
    when 3 ETH0x was added to net balancing and gateways was configured (, and in the IP section of “Gateway Description” for each interface) everything work fine again… till reboot!

    When rebooted, by some reason ZH have changed link between the modems and interfaces!!!

    Modem wich was previously linked to ETH01 (for example) after reboot is linked with ETH02 and viceversa. So gateways in net balancer section after reboot was pointing to the wrong IPs even if devices was connected to the same USB!

    So the question of the day is: “Is there any way to GLUE removable phisical device to the specific interface (by MAC may be)???”
    Or maybe it exist the way to specifi wich ETH is created when modem is connected to specific USB?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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