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    Hi, all!
    I’ve started to use Zeroshell about a month ago. Now I have a problem when I’m trying to make failover between two channels using openvpn like it posted here:
    I have two WANs in one office and one WAN in another.
    In first office I’ve added to Net Balancer two gateways and it works fine. Then I’ve made two VPNs on each side and added them to BOND.
    Let’s say my IPs in one office are and and in another IP is
    Both of VPNs in second office says that they are connected to, but I’ve configured them to work with (VPN00) and (VPN01). And on the other side I’ve also configured different gateways for both VPNs.
    Then I’ve disconnected channel with from Zeroshell and VPN01 was marked as “”DOWN”” and VPN00 was marked as “”UP””. Then I’ve connected and disconnected and then both VPNs are marked as “”DOWN””

    Can anyone help me?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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