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    Joao Vieira


    Hace algún tiempo encontré un error en la configuración de la tarjeta de red si una tarjeta está configurada en wan dimanica para acceder a Internet, tiene una falla con el módem y la conexión se cae y cambia la dirección IP o la puerta de enlace, el conjunto de tarjetas en Danica no se actualiza en algunos casos tienes que desactivar y activar o reiniciar zeroshell para que vuelvas a afuncionar y obtener la nueva ip



    some time ago I found an error in the configuration of the network card if a card is configured in wan dimanica to access the internet, to have a failure with the modem and the connection drops and changes the ip address or the gateway, the card set in eDanica is not updated in some cases you have to deactivate and activate or restart zeroshell so that you return afuncionar and get the new ip

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    Farrukh Hassan

    Reason for this problem as a x y plane. The origin (0,0) is the junction. Car A passes through the intersection traveling 8.33 m/s (30km/h) and after 5 seconds would be 41.67 m east of the intersection, or point (41.67, 0). Car B starts 38 m north of the intersection, or point (0,38). Calculate how far car B will travel in 5 seconds and subtract 38 m from it. That will give you how far south of the origin car B will be placed. You will then have two points – one along the x-axis (car A) and one along the y-axis (car B).

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