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    I’m trying to restore a profile to a new cf card.
    The old cf was using beta11, the new cf card is using beta12.
    I am *always* getting a restore error.
    This is on a Soekris 5501.
    Any suggestions ?


    I have transfered a profile from beta11 to beta12 on a pc without a problem. Could you describe the procedure you follow step by step?


    On the beta11 box, selected the profile, then did a ‘backup’.
    The backup copied to the pc connected via the web admin interface.
    Connected the pc to the beta12 box via the web admin interface.
    On the beta12 box, selected the hda, then tried to do a ‘restore’.

    I looked at the backup file and see that it is a uuencoded file. I can uudecode the file, but what kind of binary file do I end up with ?
    Is this file a tar or gzip of the DB directory structure ??


    Have you turned off the proxy?
    What is the error that you get?
    Do NOT use any download accelerators to get the backup. Use the default download of your browser. Also try to do it with another browser.

    I think the file is a tar of the configuration and the logs.


    I am not using a proxy.
    I tried both IE and Firefox without any download accelerators.
    The file is properly uuencoded – and I can uudecode the file which indicates that the downloaded file is fine.
    The problem occurs when trying to restore the configuration.
    I am always getting an error. I’ll have to write down the exact error message.


    No need to uuencode the backup file. You just download it from the old installation and restore it to the new one.


    The ‘restore’ does not work!


    What do you mean “doesn’t work”? You click it and nothing happens?
    Under the profiles menu click the bullet ont he partition you want to restore the profile and then a pop up window appears to select the backup data to restore.


    I had the same problem going from 11 to 12. I’d like to tell you I figured it out and it worked, but for some reason I kept getting the error.

    I had to reconfigure.

    think of it as practice…..


    I also ended up reconfiguring. I was just hoping the restore would work.
    I’m still curious what is used to create the binary file that is uuencoded.
    tar ?, gzip ?


    Tar for sure, not sure if it is compressed with gzip however.


    I guess this is too late for the original thread but maybe it will help a later person – I had this error when I tried to restore a profile before I formatted the partition in the Zeroshell profile interface.


    Hello i have a problem restoring a large profile file about 3 Gb,i tried restoring it using the web interface and I alaways get THE PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED in IE and in mozilla I get “Please wait: this operation may take a few minutes to complete..” and it stays like that and nothing happens(more than 2 days).
    Is the any other way restoring the profile ,for example copying the profile using winscp and then restoring it from shell?
    Thank you!


    Not sure about the shell interface. You can try to remove the logs from the tarball and see if this will work now.


    I also had problems with migrating profiles between two 1.0b13 machines by using the backup / restore facility. The restore always terminated with an error message.

    What worked for me at the end was to create a copy of the active profile on the source machine and then backup this copy instead of the active profile. This backup could be restored on the destination without any problems.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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