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    97 Magenta

    Hello guys 🙂
    I’m setting up a zeroshell for my network I use 15 Vlan approx.
    Zeroshell is on a VM on proxmox 5.2.
    What do you think is the best in term of perf :
    setting the Vlan in promox so they appears as separate eth in zeroshell
    or letting Zeroshell manage the vlan itself (by connecting it through one Eth)




    It is hard to predict for me. Probably setting VLAN in Promox could be faster.
    Could you make a test and tell us?

    97 Magenta

    Hello Everybody
    So after a long Period Test I can say Zeroshell, Proxmox and Vlan works like a charm.
    Proxmox 5.3 ZS 3.9.0 / 64-Bit Kernel 4.14.83 (I’ve just upgraded today to 3.9.3 and proxmox 6.1)
    To be simple :
    the PC is a Dell T5400 dual xeon quadcore 2,83. NIC is Intel PRO1000 quadport ethernet 1gb
    the vm is set with 1 socket /4core / configured as host cpu (so ZS can actually see what the physical CPU are)
    3GB HDD, 4GB Ram, All Network interface are virtio with multiqueue as 4 (tested and work really faster than e1000)
    All VLAN are set in ZS so easy to change when needed. Dhcp on each Vlan and Firewall.
    ETH00 for Management
    ETH01 Internal network with 14 VLANs and DHCP on each
    ETH02 External Connection to Orange Livebox to Internet

    The machine is also hosting a VM with Win 7 and work fine.

    Voilà 🙂
    hope you’re all fine


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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