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    I am using Zeroshell successfully for 4 weeks now at the dorm of our school. But I need QoS, as a single student can block the whole system by downloading a file. But I do not get it to run. My setup:

    ETH00 =
    ETH01 = (provided by a DHCP-Server on the router)
    Captive Portal – active
    DHCP on 192.168.0.X – active
    Forwarding – disabled
    Proxy – active

    I found several instructions on how to setup QoS, but they do not seem to apply to this setup.

    I do not need classes, as I just want to allow the students to go on the internet. If I understand things correctly, I only have to limit the max bandwith of ‘default’ to for example 128 kb/s, as I am not using anything else.

    I have setup a bridge, but does this make sense, if I am not using forwarding? I ask, as I am blocked as soon, as I install a new bridge with ETH00,ETH01.

    Do I have to set the max bandwith on ‘default’ on all ETH00, ETH01, Bridge(ETH00,ETH01)? (The general bandwith is set, as described in the manual)

    Thanks for helping



    I never tried , but take a look here , maybe could help you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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