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    I have a few websites where I can’t connect when I am behind the zeroshell firewall

    One of the if Norton 360 update site. When I add the PC IP to bypass then I can download but not when it is enabled.

    Another where I have the issue is HDtracks when load their java applicaiton for downloads I get the error message could not connect to the site ( I added the PC to the exclude list and did whitelist the domain and IP address. Any other suggestions would be welcome)

    I tried different PC’s and when They are not behind the wall it works great.

    Any troubleshooting hints would be welcome


    if you use the blacklist/whitelist feature, and did */* in blacklist you will need to allow each url it connects to i had a lot of problems w/ sites like wikipedia not loading parts of pages and images, i think the better way to go about it is to use the Dansguardian addon which will block sites by a score of inappropriate words and content it can be modified thru the shell. as well ensure you are not blocking downloads thru L7 protocols, i have many of the L7 filters enabled at work and i get “complaints” that they cant dl this or that [and i smile] but things like adobe and windows update still run thru same w/ kaspersky that i use for an av/firewall on the pcs.
    hope this helps. more info may give better answers 🙂


    The term proxy site is generally used to describe sites that allow you to surf anonymously.It is in general just another way to connect to the internet. You pass through a proxy first which can either allow you to bypass filtering, be a content filter itself, or hide your IP (more or less).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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