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    Hi there,

    I use Zeroshell as my DNS server for several websites and for the first time i had to configure the PTR record for a mail server (all the sites use Google Apps mail but this one). Where do i do this for this specific domain? outputs the following message (i had to truncate the real address):
    “ptr requires an IP Address and is not a valid IP.”

    i know that PTR record is something like and point it to, but where do i configure it in ZS?


    PS – The mail server is already up and running sending and receiving mails but i think that for it to be fully standards compliant it has to have a reverse lookup.




    As a technicality – Reverse lookup is not required by the standard. It is strongly encouraged unless there is a good reason not to. Remember to stress that point with people.

    The actual PTR record will need to be done by the netblock owner, whoever that is. Might be you, but also might be your provider. It also won’t be 192.168.x.y, obviously.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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