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    Hello all!
    I need an advice from an expert !
    Currently I offer an internet wifi access for free to my clients in my bed&breakfast country cottage. To do this I’ve plugged a Netgear WG102 on my home network and a second WG102 in repeater mode to reach a second house a little too far to get a good signal from the first access point. Everything works. The repeater mode forces me to use WEP: cry: but it works.

    My problem is that i live in France and there is a law that says that I am legally responsible for the surf of my clients. The law says that i must keep a nominative log of what my clients are doing on my internet acces. If i fail so i am unlimitedly responsible for all they do. Well this is no big deal as long as they read mails, listen webradios, go facebook and ordinary stuff but i would be in real trouble if they plan terrorist acts, pedophilia or whatever i can’t imagine.

    I am looking for an inexpensive solution, easy to use.
    Could zeroshell help me to do all that ?
    Would it be necessary to add one or more feature ?
    Is there a HowTo somewhere ?

    Thanks in advance for answers.



    Zeroshell peut faire ça 🙂

    Faute de te fournir un howto, je te donne la marche à suivre globale :

    – tu actives le portail captif
    – tu gères les utilisateurs via un serveur radius (présent dans Zeroshell, mais je l’ai externalisé pour ma part)
    – tu limites les protocoles autorisés en sortie (http, https, mail etc…)
    – tu peux activer le proxy+av ainsi que dansguardian (filtrage de contenu)

    Tout ce que ne fait pas Zeroshell via ses menus, tu peux le faire via des règles de post-boot et notamment la mise en place d’une journalisation des accès http (via iptables pour moi) des clients, que tu pourras croiser avec les logs radius pour satisfaire à la loi.



    Thanks for your answer but how will it be a nominative log in case of judicial request ?


    In italy we have the same problem.

    You can enable connection tracking log.

    With connection tracking log you can find the IP address of the machine.
    With ip you can find username in captive portal log.

    Connection tracking log only ip address visited not full url but in italy, for privacy law, is forbidden url log.



    I’ll test all that really soon then. It sounds good.
    Thanks for taking the time to care with my problem.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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