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    Hello all;

    I have a question regarding QoS implementation for an ISP. Will Zeroshell scale well for traffic shaping for an ISP with around 3000-4000 concurrent sessions, both Dialup and DSL clients? And what is the best scenario to implement QoS for such a network, giving the fact that our upstream link is 330 Mbps (around 40MBps).

    Thanks in advance.


    Basically ZeroShell is a Linux distribution, just setup so that you don’t have to get to the shell to set things up. At least usually you don’t have to get to the shell. 🙂

    So I’d interpret your question as can Linux support your needs. You’d have to have some fairly powerful hardware… And even there I’m not sure. I tend to think of those kinds of data rates and session numbers as more appropriately handled by systems that have hardware capable of CPU offload for the basic routing functionality. But I could be wrong. You might try directing your query to some forum where Linux is used in heavy duty traffic management environments. If the answer is yes, Linux can do it given some minimum set of specifications on the hardware then ZeroShell can do it too.

    I think most of the people using Zeroshell are using it in SOHO environments.


    My stats are:

    CPU ( 4) Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 2400MHz Refresh
    Uptime 146 days, 5:45
    Load Avg 0.03 0.03 0.00 Graphics
    Memory 2050568 kB

    Less than 3% CPU usually, 200Megs ram used on average, MAX 56k (57,000) concurrent connections, with peaks of 110Mb/s download 38Mb/s upload, on an Interface Masters N2265, and a basic on-board NIC for management.


    Works out very very well. 61 Firewall rules, 65 QoS rules.


    Thank you all for your info.

    This takes us to another question, how can I configure ZS QoS (or any Linux QoS in general), so that all 256Kbps DSL clients (all belong to the same IP range) get a guaranteed speed of 200Kbps with single QoS rule?

    Thanks in advance…


    You can not make a single rule that will state each ip in a subnet to get a certain speed of it’s own. Any rule that has a class attached to it, and a subnet, the entire subnet will share the single class. Currently there is no way to make a single rule that states each ip gets 256k.

    Currently you’d need to make a separate rule for each ip, actually two rules, one for upload, and one for download speeds. Which is very time consuming, tedious, and not scalable really. Though zeroshell is great in all other shaping needs, this on feature request would be great to have. I’ve already put in a request a while back.

    This can happen though for limiting packets per second with the hashlimit mode. This hashlimit will limit all source ips in a subnet to a set amount of pps, say all ips in will get their own rule for 50pps.

    Someone modded this and made something called hashspeed (Google it). You will only need two rules for this one for the entire subnet. It is the same concept, except modded for both source and destination and for rate rather than pps. So in one rule you can have source 256k for upload, and all ips will have their own virtual separate qos rule, all in one rule. And the same but for destination for download. Pretty slick.


    ‘guaranteed speed’ might not be suitable for ISP environment, burst might make sense.

    I used PacketController and it works well to manage thousands customers with 300Mbps, you could see the product at http://www.packetcontroller.com, it provides software version as well.



    Thank you for all your replies. But if ZS doesn’t support this at the moment, what platform does? And any details about doing that using any other platform is highly appreciated.

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