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    Hi… can anyone help me with a problem that im having…

    I have a wireless node using an Engenius 1650, with a VLAN (50) on the SSID, connected to a Zeroshell adapter also with a VLAN on the ETH00 adapter (of course configured with the same number of the VLAN of the Engenius). The DHCP server is configured to give addresses on the – range of the VLAN and the captive portal is set to the VLAN adapter ETH00.50.

    With this config, the wireless clients going inside trough the Engenius are validated in the captive portal and receiving IP addresses from the DHCP server only using VLAN’s.

    The config is like this:

    ETH00 =
    ETH00.50 = (VLAN = 50)

    ETH01 = (Working in client mode, NATed)
    Default GW=

    Now the problem:

    I need to apply a QoS rule on the range that the DHCP server is giving addresses ( – I made a CLASS named “PORTAL” for tests purposes and assign it the following RULE:

    Then added the CLASS to the main adapter ETH00 and enabled QoS:

    The thing is the RULE on the classifier isnt working. I can’t get to limit the bandwith of that specific range, maybe because the use of VLAN’s.

    If there is a way to get this to work i would appreciate if some one can give some hints. If its not, then ill just go with the easy solution and assign a dedicated ETH0X to the Engenius.

    Thanks in advance.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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