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    I have a problem with QoS, i think. I set up a class with max 1mbit bandwidth and the classifier is from my mac address and i applied it to all my connections. Now, when i do something, like download a file by FTP it doesnt get capped at 1mbit. However if i cap the default action at 1mbit then the ftp slows. Why is it ignoring the mac classifier? I also tried it based on source IP but it is ignored still.

    I dont know if it makes a difference by my setup is this: 2 NICs in the system. ETH01 is connected to my modem which is in bridge mode, so i set up PPPoE on ETH01. ETH01 has the ip and the modem is ETH00 is on the lan side and is using the 10.x.x.x ip ranges. NAT is set up on ppp0 and QoS is enabled for ETH00, ETH01 and ppp0. DHCP is also in use and if i check the leases it does have my correct MAC etc.

    Any ideas why it wont pick up the traffic comingfrom my mac?



    I am trying to guess that the issue is this:

    When the packets arrive from Internet (download operations) the IP of your clients match the destination IP and not the source. Hence you should classify the traffic either using the source IP (upload) or the destination IP (download). The MAC can be used only for outcoming traffic.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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