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    Dear Friend
    I ‘m wondering that are there any ways to set up zeroshell to allow somes URL or destination IP to access without authentication.
    I mean if i turn on Captive portal.

    Thank you so much


    Captive portal
    Free authorized and select services
    Insert new rule

    ip address
    port (80 http,443 https ……. )



    Let me understand this, you want to setup a hotspot and allow access through captive portal?
    But you also want everyone to have access to a select IP address and URLs?

    Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of using captive portal?


    Thank you for both of your advices.

    Answer to giancagianca:
    Free Authorized section used to allow only source ip address to access internet without authentication. Howerver i want to allow specified destination ip address.
    Is there any way?

    Answer to vpn_rollercoaster
    The reson is I want zeroshell to allow a guess access to my internal web site only without authentication.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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