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    I am setting up a new site for my company.

    Implementing VOIP, and bringing in two bonded T1’s.

    Provider is saying “buy this router” for $2,4xx. “Tasman 1000 series”, which Nortel bought a few years ago.

    We’d like to use our existing firewall appliance (No QOS).

    We’d also like to add manage traffic shaping (QOS) capabilities due to adding VOIP.

    With that, I’m all ears. I’m wondering if I can setup a Zeroshell box between FW and WAN router. Or, maybe buy an edgemarc device? If I can provide us with lower cost solution, that’d be great, but in unchartered waters here.

    Looking for any information by way of general guidance, tips, advice.

    Thank you in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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