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    Davide Ragonesi

    Hi everyone, I need some advice.
    I have the Internet modem that now runs from dhcp, then I put a machine with proxmox where I have 3 vm including zeroshell, also an raspberry that I use for home automation where there is nginx which I use as a reverse proxy to route two services on the 443, one resides on one of the vm and the other on the raspberry.
    on the miniserver i have only one eth, what I would like is to remove the dhcp and the various port forwarding from the router and delegate everything to zs.
    can i with only one eth?
    I tried to enable the dhcp by putting the eth in nat and it all seemed to go, but I realized that with the zs dhcp the exposed services I have on my machines are reachable only from the home network while not from outside. The rest in theory works very well apart from the reachability of my services (I reach them through Duckdns domains with let’s encrypt certificates).
    Greetings David


    If I understand correctly, your ZS box only has one interface, but you want to use it as a router between your ISP router and your home network? Or are you just offloading services to the ZS box so your ISP router is more efficient?

    For the ZS box as the router, it is almost impossible with one interface and stuff WILL be exposed.

    For the ZS box to offload the services from the ISP router, it depends on the services. DHCP, DNS, no problem. Turn them off on the ISP router and set them up on the ZS box instead. Port forwarding and traffic shaping/monitoring, no way in hell.

    More information is needed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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