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    I am building a new router using a Soekris net5501-70 board with a Traverse Solos ADSL2+ card ( The card has drivers built into the 2.6.29+ kernels and there is a small CLI program that needs to be compiled as well, which can be found in the opensource driver package here:

    The driver doesn’t need to be compiled since it’s part of the kernel now, but the CLI source does need to be compiled.

    Can I convince you to use one of these newer kernels and select the driver in it and to include the small CLI program in your next release? Also, I need the latest Madwifi dirvers for my wifi card.

    Since I need the support now, is it possible for me to set up a cross compile chroot on my system and build ZeroShell there with all the features of the current version but with new kernel, the CLI tool, and new madwifi drivers? In other words, how does the maker of ZeroShell compile everything and how can get all the shells and make the Compact Flash image? I read the tutorial on compiling my own kernel, but you need to change the partition types and such. I want to have my partitions the same format as the install for an easy upgrade to the new version when that is out. 🙂


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