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    new to zeroshell. need a little help with setting up zeroshell to communicate with my freeradius server on a separate server.

    our setup should basically allow users to authenticate through the zeroshell captive portal but the request will be forwarded to a freeradius/mysql server on a separate server which validates the user and grants access to the network.

    we will not user ZS to create users rather PHPMyPrepaid is used to generate users

    everything is setup except that i can’t seem to get zeroshell’s radius server to forward requests to the freeradius server. i’ve tried few options with “Proxy RADIUS Configuration” but no success.

    setup should look something like this;


    > ZS capt. portal /rad

    > freeradius

    > mysql

    your help will be much appreciated.


    You have to use at least the release 1.0.beta6 of Zeroshell to get the Captive Portal uses an external Radius server to authenticate the users.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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