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    We are looking at using your ZeroShell net server for the purpose of authenticating devices on a network by mac-address.

    We are using a few HP 3500yl switches, and the switches can be configured to send a request to a radius server as follows:
    Username: [mac-address]

    Basically, this radius server will be used exclusively by the switches themselves in order to authenticate devices by their mac addresses, and it uses the mac-address as both the username and the password. The trouble is, when I try to enter the mac address as both the username and the password, I get the following as a javascript browser popup:

    “Password cannot be the same as the username because is easy to guess.”

    Is there any way to turn this feature “off”? Also, we have the option to leave the password blank, but there is an error message that prevents that setting also.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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