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    Hallo zeroshell pro’s,

    i have a strange problem in Zeroshell.
    I have this Network
    2x Internet with DynamicIP ->> Router open Port 3389 route to + Router ->> External ETH00 Zeroshell with Load Balancing Internal ETH01 ->> Server
    I route through zeroshell the RDP Port 3389 to the Server
    ANY / ANY TCP 3389
    No Firewall entrys, no http Proxy

    Often i can’t get to the Server, sometimes it works sometimes not.
    I get the follow log entry.
    11:40:49 [NEW] tcp 6 120 SYN_SENT src=87.175.245.xxx dst= sport=58669 dport=3389 [UNREPLIED] src= dst= sport=3389 dport=58669
    11:40:59 [DESTROY] tcp 6 src= dst= sport=58667 dport=3389 packets=175 bytes=43986 src= dst=87.175.245.xxx sport=3389 dport=58667 packets=201 bytes=112469

    What is wrong? I hope someone can help me

    regards mario


    Have you applied Atheling’s patch for the load balancing? It looks like some packets follow a different route than the one that used to come from the internet to your server.


    Thank you for yout help, now it works perfekt.

    Regards Mario

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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