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    I use zeroshell b11 for my office
    I create as bridge and enable captive portal, http proxy, virus scan, access loging any access and send loging to syslog server
    I run zeroshell on vmware
    my problem is, I need to reboot zeroshell everyday because, internet in my office not running after reboot internet will come back.

    can someone tell me? what happen?



    Although this is not the correct way to troubleshoot, you could schedule on cron everyday at a specific time to run the reboot command.


    Did you disable TCP/IP on the host machine adapter (assuming this is a windows host). Ho does you ISP handle you IP addressing? Is it DHCP or Static? NAT or publicly routed?


    I have experienced this with Broadband service.
    The only solution that worked for me was to create a TCP VPN connection to another site to keep the WAN port active.

    If that is not possable, using KeepAlive software may be your next option.


    If it is just a matter of keeping the connection alive ZS has an integrated feature. Go to Network-> Netbalancer and on the right side boxes enable ICMP failover checking. Below enter some pingable IP addresses (e.g

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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