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    I am happy to test your product, very good, but a functional test can not be used in the testing process!
    Specific testing purposes: wan port do adsl-pppoe dial-up and adsl-pppoe dialing vlan do! ROUTEOS to simulate pppoe server. pppoe-server NIC to do trunk

    Create multiple vlan and multiple vlan pppoe-server. ZeroShell a NIC the wan ports alone the test pppoe dial-up, you can not dial up, do the the vlan dialing can not dial up.

    I changed the other software such as: pfsense to do vlan dialing can be good, but the same environment zeroShell can not. Please fix this problem!
    I want to make a function that can do policy routing routing table to import and export in text form. So without an editor, specify the table to go out with that line (isp).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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