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    Hello again!

    Hopefully, this is a quick and easy question.

    I already have a DNS (bind) server on another linux machine and had been using it as the forwarder for my ZS firewall, but I’d like to eventually migrate DNS service to the firewall itself.

    To test things, I removed the forward entry and created an SOA entry and a couple of A records, along with the corresponding reverse entries. This worked fine except for one issue. Using the DNS Query window, attempts to resolve hosts by full name works fine (IE:, however attempts to do the lookup by short name (IE: foo), fail.

    I check the (generated) /etc/resolv.conf and found that it only has the line for the local nameserver. What’s the proper way to add a domain or search keyword so it persists across reboots?

    I looked all over the interface, and couldn’t find the answer searching this forum either. I know I probably *could* fudge an entry via /etc/rc.local, but I was hoping there was a better method I could use.

    Thanks again!

    PS: If anyone knows of a way to migrate an existing DNS setup to ZS, it would save me a fair amount of typing!


    You could try appending the search domain with a post boot script. But I am afraid that each time you change something on DNS the file will be reverted back to normal.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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