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    eth1 – it is local network ( It ip is tap0 – OpenVPN network ( eth0 – my ISP.

    In Zeroshell, i have ETH2 – local network. It ip is ETH0 – my ISP, VPN99 – network for VPN (


    hostname ripd
    password zebra
    log stdout

    interface ETH02
    ip rip authentication mode text
    ip rip authentication string termo
    ip rip split-horizon
    router rip
    redistribute kernel
    redistribute connected
    redistribute static
    network ETH02

    Why I received from zeroshell all networks? In config file, i write:
    network ETH02! Not ETH00, Not VPN99, and other. Why, zeroshell return too many networks ?

    In official documentation, i read:

    RIP command: redistribute connected
    RIP command: redistribute connected metric <0-16>
    RIP command: redistribute connected route-map route-map
    RIP command: no redistribute connected

    Redistribute connected routes into the RIP tables. no redistribute connected disables the connected routes in the RIP tables. This command redistribute connected of the interface which RIP disabled. The connected route on RIP enabled interface is announced by default.

    Ok, i need in ripd.conf change

    redistribute connected


    no redistribute connected

    But how to accept this ? When, i restart Zeroshell, all it chages are canceled. How to do this ? Thanks for you attention.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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