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    There are missing access-list and distribute-list commands in GUI so RIP host wiill distribute overall routes it knows about including default route to external recipients.

    So there a become MUCH problems on them:
    default route of “sender” added to default routs of “recipients”, breaking connection to “sender” rip host at least!

    Fulvio, could you add manual configuration editor to RIP please!
    I’m in very big trouble now since i cannot use RIP which is the most important in our network to run…

    I’m using ZeroShell Release 1.0.beta11

    For excample, i need this block of code have in the ripd.config:

    access-list private permit
    access-list private permit
    access-list private deny any

    distribute-list private in VPN99
    distribute-list private out VPN99

    distribute-list private in VPN01
    distribute-list private out VPN01

    Thenk you in advance! Feel free to contact with me via email or skype (i doubled my message to you via skype because of importance, sorry).


    Is there anybody here?


    Yes, we are here.
    I will try to enhance the Routing Information Protocol in the next release.



    May i ask you when it will be the next release with this rip enchancements?


    I Recently allo got stuck not having the ability so say witch routes to distribute and not. Please se to that it arrives in beta12…

    When is next beta due?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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