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    We recently upgraded to Beta 14 on a very distance remote router that our network personnel, in the absence of any failures, visit only four times per year.

    To improve up-time reliablity, we have chosen to have this location served by two ISPs, one a wireline company, the other a cable company. The latter has ping times about 30 per cent better than the former.

    All of the workstations on the 5.0 internal network execute only a single application that accesses just a single IP address, To improve application response times and also segregate the app’s IP traffic from all other traffic at the site, I recently introduced a static route to the router table to route the address through a separate gateway. [See router table below.]

    After making this entry, using the Zeroshell ping utility, I could ping any internal addresses, both of the router’s externally facing addresses as well as both gateway addresses. Pinging the address resulted in appreciably lower ping times compared to pinging other server addresses at our central data center, suggesting that pings to the address were going through the faster of the gateway addresses.

    From our central data center, I could ping the remote router’s external addresses as well as both of that router’s gateway addresses.

    However, we cannot not ping either the address, the router external interface address or the gateway address from any workstation on either the 1.0 or 5.0 internal networks. All other reachable IP addresses are pingable, including the router external interface address and gateway address.

    All workstations on the internal networks obtain their IP settings from Zeroshell’s DHCP daemon on the 1.0.and 5.0 networks. The workstations’ gateway, DNS and DHCP addresses are being set correctly to the Zeroshell router’s internal address on its appropriate internal network interface.

    I would very much appreciate any insights anyone might have as to why we cannot ping the address from any internal network workstations.

    Thank you in advance.

    Destination Netmask Type Metric Gateway Interface Flags State Source 255.2555.255.255 Host 0 ETH04 U Up Static Net 0 none ETH04 U Up Auto Net 0 none ETH03 U Up Auto Net 0 none ETH02 U Up Auto Net 0 none ETH00 U Up Auto Net 0 none VPN99 U Up Auto
    DEFAULT GATEWAY Net 0 ETH02 UG Up Static


    So what are you doing NAT wise?

    Do your external routers have a route to the .1 and .5 network addresses through the zeroshell box? i.e the ping may be being sent to the routers but do they know how to send them back?

    This really depends on WHERE you are natting … On Zeroshell?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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