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    i’m new to zeroshell and linux os, hope the community gives me a hint.

    I have a zeroshell up and running on an itx board, with an additional quad port nic. All nics are recognised by zeroshell, i can connect to the web interface from an pc on the internal network.
    DHCP is workingon internal interface and gives leases to the clients. From zeroshell it is possible to reach the internet (news / dns lookups).
    From a client with dhcp ip i can’t reach the internet.

    I think it is a issue because there is no default gateway in the router table configuration area.

    I have a cable internet provider where the modem makes the “dial in”.

    The setup is:

    PC –dhcp ip–> zeroshell (eth01, internal) –> zeroshell (eth00, external, dynamic ip enabled) –> modem (cable tv internet, no ip address for modem, transparent) —-> internet

    The “external nic” becomes through dhcp an internet routable ip adress, the modem is transparent for the connection.

    So my question, how can i get the internet browsing working for internal clients?

    Thanks for your help.


    Edit: Nat is enabled for the Eth00.


    Can you clarify something for me?
    Is it only clients using DHCP which can’t reach the Internet?
    What happens if you give a client a valid/static IP address, correct subnet mask and ensure that the default gateway is set to the IP address of ZS?
    Cheers Ian

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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