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    I’ve been looking around at this for a while now but unable to find anything, either because I have a valid question, or simply do not know something obvious which everybody else does. Since i’m very much learning as i’m going along here, I’m going to assume the latter! For a chance to carry on learning however, I shall proceed to ask 🙂

    I want to set up my ZeroShell box to act as an FTP server, so to manage shares, groups, users etc. I’d appreciate a push in the right direction. Is there an inbuilt linux function for this or is there a program to run on the zeroshell box. Or am I asking for something which isn’t really in the scope of the ZeroShell OS at all?? I realise there is ftp and ftpd on linux, I get the impression they are both to connect to other ftp servers though.

    Many Thanks for any help!


    You can easily set up an FTP server using any general Linux install – it doesn’t require the specialized tools in ZeroShell.

    Here’s a wikihow article on how to set one up using Ubuntu:


    ftpd is the daemon (or server) while ftp is the client application.

    You don’t need ZeroShell to have a ftp server, in fact it will be much more difficult for you, as it is not part of the web-gui and the scope of ZS is to be a router-os.


    Cool, thank you for clarifying my thoughts and the link



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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