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    Here’s a sample working OVPN file that may help others get started:

    For simplicity’s sake, I recommend using pfx files.

    Also, to ensure you’re connecting to the desired endpoint, you’ll want to set the tls-remote to specify the CN name of your firewall — would be entered as /OU=Hosts/

    I also include a line to dump some additional diagnostics — note the show-net-up line which you may uncomment when your end users need help.

    You should consider or later — prior versions had a bug with routes being created wrongly. Be sure your end users run openvpn and its gui as administrator.

    remote 1194
    resolv-retry infinite

    proto udp

    auth-user-pass # require username/password dialog

    pkcs12 user.pfx # Use pkcs12 for ca, pub/pvt key
    tls-remote /OU=Hosts/

    client # This is a client config
    dev tap # Ethernet Tunnel mode
    comp-lzo # Compress traffic

    verb 1 # Logging level
    mute 10 # Limit consecutive loging of same cateogry messages
    #show-net-up # Log routing table & network adapter info after we're up

    nobind # Don't bind to local addr/port
    persist-key # Don't re-read keyfile on soft restart
    persist-tun # Don't close and reopen device, run scripts on soft restart

    # Add more Static Routes for our other network space when on VPN
    # Optional -- these may be helpful if other machines outside your firewall
    # expects access to come from your office.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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